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      Selenite Charging Plates, Selenite Charging Bowls and Stone Mortar & Pestles

      Shop our curated selection of Selenite charging plates, Selenite charge bowls, hand-carved offering bowls and stone mortar & pestles. Our Selenite bowls and plates will bring peace, protection and clarity into your life. Use our stone mortar & pestle to grind and crush herbs, pie seasonings, resins, or use it for spell work. Shop our crystal and stone charging bowls and plates by intention. From healing and wellbeing, to intuition and psychic abilities, our bowls and plates will help to bring about your personal intention. If you are looking for a stone or crystal charging bowl or plate to balance your chakras, browse our plates and bowl for the heart chakra.

      We hope our collection of bowls and plates bring peace and well-being into your life. If you have any questions about our Selenite charging plates, Selenite charging bowls or hand-carved offering bowls please contact us, we're happy to help.