Live Sales

Watch us live on scheduled live sales to learn about product and get deals

The Basics

  • Live sales happen every Thursday night starting at our new time – 6PM PST! 
  • All Live Sale shoppers will receive 10% off any items purchased the night of our live sale. 
  • All Live Sale orders will be shipped for a $7 flat rate. If you place any additional orders within 6 hours of your first order, your orders will automatically be combined under one shipping charge.
  • Carts expire after 6 hours, so make sure you check out before that window closes.

Getting Started

  • Comment “register” and Confirm Account on Facebook. Comment “Live” to get notifications at the start of each show.
  • Download ‘Rock Mama Gallery’ app from app store and Google Play. If you are already registered on Facebook, use the same log in info to get started on the app! 
  • You can also view our show on Instagram!

House Rules

  • Comment the word “Sold” followed by the item number you are interested in. If the item has variants, please include the variant name in your comment directly following the item number. 
  • Example without variants: Sold 100
  • Example with variants: Sold 100 A
  • If you would like to claim multiples of the same item, please comment once for EACH piece you would like to claim. 
  • If you are interested in an item that has sold out, go ahead and comment anyway! You will be added to our waitlist. If someone drops that item from their cart, there is a chance it will fall into yours. If this happens, you will be immediately notified and will have 3 hours to check out before it moves on to the next cart in the waitlist. 
  • Each week, we do a drawing for one showstopper item at 50% off! To enter the drawing, you must comment the weekly keyword at ANY point during the live sale, and after the last item of the show we will draw a name for our winner. You must be present at the time of the drawing to claim the item ☺ Showstoppers will be paid for by special invoice that will be sent to your email the day AFTER the live sale, so be sure to close out your cart with your other items before the 6 hour expiration window closes! 
  • If you would like to pick up your order in store, please select “Local Pickup” at checkout. Orders will be ready for pickup by Monday at the latest. If you absolutely need to pick up your order on Friday afternoon, please let us know in your order notes, and do not plan to arrive before 3pm. 

After Show

  • Every Thursday, we host a live sale “after show,” during which you can specifically choose the items you would like to be sent to you. It is not necessary for you to stay for this portion of the show! The Rock Mamas are certified Reiki Masters and intuitively choose and bless each piece that will be sent to you, ensuring that it resonates with you energetically. However, we understand that sometimes certain pieces call to you, and we want to honor those intuitions as best as possible!
  • For this “after show,” we will take requests for items to be reviewed. We will revisit items in the order that they are requested. Once we begin to review an item, claims for specific pieces will be honored first come, first serve. 
  • Items must in in your cart in order for you to claim them specifically during the after show. If the item is sold out, and you claim one without it being in your cart at this point of the show, it will go to someone who checked out with the item in theirs. 
  • Please note that we take extensive measures to quality check each and every item that is featured on our live sales. While we are incredibly careful to ensure the stones you receive are of our absolute best quality, please note that these are natural stones and often contain natural inclusions and imperfections which we feel add to their character and their beauty ☺ If you are unhappy with the quality of any of the items you receive, please refer to our return policy so we can work with you to make it right!